Mariposa Cruises’ guest Catrina Ascenuik recounts her experience aboard the Captain Matthew Flinders for the end of summer Hawaiian Luau Dinner Cruise on the Toronto Harbour.


My significant other and I decided to toast to the end of summer with Mariposa’s Luau Cruise on the Toronto Harbour. It was the perfect night to say goodbye to summer and ring in September.

From the start, a beautiful luau dancer named Olivia, who placed lei’s around our necks, greeted us. My boyfriend was particularly thrilled by the idea and thoroughly enjoyed that experience. 

Then, we were immediately seated at our table and greeted by a wonderful server who explained the ins and outs of the cruise.

While we waited for the festivities to start, our server recommended a special cocktail created by the cruise called summer fling. It was one of the most delicious cocktails I had had in a while. It was the perfect start to our evening.

After grabbing our cocktails, we went up to the deck and watched as the sun set on one of the final days of August.


Soon after we left shore, dinner was served. The DJ was spinning some classic dance songs to get people in the mood, while we were enjoying our dinner.

The dinner was a Hawaiian inspired menu. The meal was an assortment of culinary delights including grilled salmon, pineapple chicken, and sweet and sour pork tenderloin. Each entrée had it’s own distinct flavour, and the coconut rice and red potato salad were excellent complements to the entrees. Dessert was an even greater treat with two decadent types of cake and an assortment of sweets.


What was most enjoyable about the cruise was the entertainment. Olivia was not only our greeter, but our source of entertainment for the evening. Olivia and the DJ got the crowd dancing to a variety of island inspired music. Olivia herself danced to a variety of dance numbers. A congo line started which really had the party going.


The evening’s highlight was the limbo contest. People from all walks of life were participating (even the boyfriend got down to it!).The dj and Olivia really encouraged the crowd to get involved (and we did!). The night ended with a variety of amazing soca songs and some sore feet.

The last thing we did on our ship was see the  Toronto skyline in the evening. From our view point, we were able to see the CNE on one of its last days of the year. The midway was lit up with bright lights, the Ferris Wheel turning and the roller coasters flying. Next to it, we could see the dark outline of what was once Ontario place. Music was coming from the amphitheatre in the distance. We could see the city pulsing and brimming with Friday night energy with lights, movement and people.

Luau Cruise Toronto Harbour at night

The city, the food, the cocktails, the sunset, the dancing, and the hula made it a perfect way to end the summer.


About the Author:

Catrina is currently taking culinary art classes at George Brown College. She is an avid traveler, and a lover of fine foods and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.