Mariposa Cruises, by Hornblower is the largest cruise operator in the Toronto area. Since 1987, we have continually developed and improved our cruise organization with a focus on passenger safety and comfort. As the industry leader, our team is focused on ship preparedness, training and safety.  Beyond what is required by Transport Canada, our crew engage in regular safety training and we have a Safety Management System in place that is continually improved and resourced. This is our ongoing commitment to continual focus on safety policy and procedure.

Our Bridge Teams

All Captains and Mates go through extensive training and testing, including written and practical exams, (including emergency procedures)on subjects ranging from navigation, stability, to first aid and firefighting, before being certified as competent by Transport Canada. Once certified they are run through a Culture-Fit process with Mariposa to ensure they are the right fit for our guest experience focused organization. Mates progress through a graduated program to train to be in command of our vessels. Our bridge team are career-officers who are well experienced with the lake, bays, lagoons, and traffic patterns of the exciting and busy Toronto Harbour area. Some of our Captains have sailed all over the world before settling here, while others have experienced their lives and career in this area. We are proud to have a professional safety-focused marine team.

Our Marine Engineers

Like our Bridge Officers, Engineers must undergo a comprehensive training, testing and certification process through Transport Canada before being issued a certificate of competency.  The Engineer on each ship is trained and familiarized to keep the machinery and systems running properly. Our organization operates with a preventative maintenance program and invests in both the renewal and regular maintenance of our machinery.

Our Crew

Mariposa values training. Time is invested in frequent training of our crew. Along with regularly scheduled and compulsory safety training, our crew partake in guest service and workplace culture training, including diversity and inclusion.   Our team’s service and interactions are important to our guest’s experience and memory of their cruise with us. It is important that our crew reflect Mariposa’s values. We invest in the selection, training, and professional development of the crew through training and motivation. Training is provided annually through Marine Emergency Duties courses and Smart Serve courses, bi-weekly through mandatory safety drills, and continually as our senior staff lead by example. Initially each crew (including Captains) participate in on board familiarization so they understand the layout each specific vessel and their role if faced with an emergency.

Mariposa has consistently been awarded Best Bar None award, an industry-led international accreditation program indicating policy and procedures are in place for the safe service of alcohol and we are the ONLY passenger vessel in Ontario with this accreditation.  The team at Mariposa is invested in hosting fun, safe events.

Our Ships

Our fleet consists of The Captain Matthew Flinders, Northern Spirit, Showboat, Oriole, Klancy II, and Rosemary.  Each one of these ships is designed, retrofitted and optimized for Toronto area operations. They are up to the standards of Transport Canada who inspect each vessel annually and to our Officers who check them prior to each sailing.

Each vessel is dry-docked if necessary and at a minimum of five-year intervals where it is thoroughly inspected inside and out. All emergency systems are tested, along with the crew, bi-weekly. The ship’s hulls are inspected to ensure they are sound and the engines are kept clean and running smoothly.

Our full Terms and Conditions of Carriage can be viewed here.