Mariposa Cruises strives to maintain the highest safety standards applicable to vessels internationally. As a leader in the passenger vessel industry, Mariposa employs a management system that incorporates the latest standards as laid out by the International Maritime Organization.

Mariposa Cruises is a safety-focused organization. We invest in our people through consistent, thorough safety training and in our safety equipment. We employ professional, quality officers who are responsible for prioritizing safety onboard.


  • All Captains and Mates are certified by Transport Canada to operate in Toronto Harbour and surrounding area;
  • All Officers hold current Marine First Aid certificates;
  • Captains have a minimum 5 years experience as a Mate on board our vessels prior to being in command;
  • All officers have extensive local knowledge required to safely navigate the waters of the Toronto Harbour and Islands, one of the busiest small vessel ports in Canada;


  • Our Engineering department is lead by our Chief Engineer, who holds a 2nd class Marine Engineer certificate and has a wealth of experience;
  • Mariposa’s Engineers work year round to ensure that our fleet continue to operate in optimal form.


  • Our people are our strength and Mariposa invests in the training of its crew. Our continual training involves safety training, customer service training and safe service of alcohol.
  • All crew are Smart Serve Certified. Mariposa Cruises has consistently been awarded the Best Bar None Award for exhibiting policy and procedure with regards to the  same service of alcohol.
  • All our crew receive Marine Emergency Duties training and vessel familiarization training upon joining our organization;
  • Emergency Drills are conducted on a bi-weekly basis for each boat we operate. All crew are engaged in specific training on their Emergency Duty Training;


  • The Mariposa fleet is inspected annually by Transport Canada Ship Safety;
  • All vessels are regularly inspected by our Engineering department to ensure prime operating condition.
  • Each ship has redundant systems and subdivisions providing the maximum level of safety for every cruise.

For a complete outline of our Terms of Carriage, please click here (PDF)