Mariposa Cruises’ guest Michele Aristide recounts her experience aboard the Northern Spirit for the Hawaiian Luau Dinner Cruise on the Toronto Harbour..

Hawaiian Luau Dinner Cruise

After a long and difficult week, my husband and I went aboard the Northern Spirit in hopes of some R&R.

We were immediately greeted by a very cheerful Manager, Allison, who welcomed us aboard. Once on the ship, the soothing music of Hawaii and a lovely young female dancer attracted our eyes and slowed us down from our fast paced march of the work week. Her slow and ethereal movements immediately made us feel like we just entered an environment that would give us just that, a nice relaxing evening.

We took the stairs to the lower deck and were greeted by another friendly staff member to table 18, right by the open window overlooking the Toronto Harbour and with a summer breeze! Perfect!

The deck was decorated in lively tropical colours, palm trees and “Aloha” banners with young and smiling staff throughout the floor.


Our server introduced herself with a big smile and explained the feature drinks. We selected the Butterfly Kiss Martini, infused with Malibu coconut rum, raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. It was fruity and oh-so delicious. Before we knew it, we heard the “BLOOOOOW” and we were off into the sunset.

Over the next hour, we chatted, sipped our drinks and enjoyed the view as we moved along the harbor and watched sailboats, city ferries and other cruises pass us by. We felt so comfortable that we decided we were on a vacation in a resort. Perfect!


Then came the moment – time to eat. We were hungry so appreciated the buffet style. We had garden green salad with balsamic dressing, rolls and butter, coconut rice, potato salad, pineapple chicken, bass fish and sweet and sour pork served by another kind staff member named Stewart.

Over the next hour we ate, drank, laughed and made a few jokes with “table neighbours”. Some were on a date, others celebrating birthdays and some just trying to unwind for the weekend.


Over the course of dinner we were entertained by Hula dancers, this time two of them, while passengers joined in and celebrated. My husband decided he was going in for the kill and gave his “wave the hand in the air and act like you just don’t care” steps. I decided I would let him do that on his own. He competed for the winning prize of the Mariposa goblet but only to be defeated by his competitor, an elderly man having the time of his life.


So after all that, we decided to have dessert which was a choice of flavourful treats like red velvet cake, pineapple & coconut chocolate tortes and coconut & cranberry squares with mini muffins. Of course, coffee and tea as well to go well with the sweets.

Just when we thought it was over, it wasn’t. Here came the conga line… We got up and joined in feverishly and made our way to the top deck to work off some of the calories we just ate. Yikes time for the Limbo competition! I definitely watched that one too. But my husband joined only making it to the second try being defeated by the younger and more limber guests.


The evening was wonderful… We ate, drank, danced, laughed and relaxed – just what the doctor ordered. Overlooking the incredible multi-colored skyline, we arrived back to the Harbourfront area and it was unfortunately time to go home.

Yes, the night was over but the truth is there are so many cruises to pick from with different themes that we can always come back. Maybe next time we will do the Salsa Cruise…I can only imagine the dance steps my husband will bring to light on that one! Hmmm.

Mariposa Cruises, thanks for a fabulous evening! We’ll be back.



About the Author:

Michele works hard at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario but on her off-time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, reading on how to maintain good well-being and going for walks by the Harbourfront to enjoy the beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere.