Mariposa Cruises’ guests Mary Lou and Chuck Simmons report their experience on the maiden voyage of the AM740 Oldies Cruise aboard the Northern Spirit

AM740-Oldies-Cruise-hosted by Norm Edwards On Wednesday July 30th we had the privilege of joining the AM740 Oldies Dinner Experience provided by Mariposa Cruises on the Northern Spirit, thanks to our granddaughter. Norm Edwards was a gracious host and had friendly interactions with most of the guests throughout the cruise. As soon as the guests arrived on board, he conducted a series of trivia questions and karaoke challenges. 




A multitude of prizes were awarded, including a range of CDs, lovely zippered jackets and jazzy loving cups. The guests participated very enthusiastically and demonstrated a good knowledge of the trivia questions and bravely participated in the karaoke challenges.

The ice-breaking activities helped create a very good atmosphere for the cruise among the guests who ranged in age from the chronologically young to the perpetually young. Regardless of age, everyone enjoyed the oldies music during an extremely pleasant cruise. For three hours, before, during and after a lovely sunset, we sailed around the Toronto harbour to appreciate Toronto’s wonderful skyline and the scenic islands.


The ship sailed out the Western gap and westward to the Humber Bay where it circled and then cruised south of the Islands back to dock. Thus, we were able to appreciate the impressive daytime and nighttime views of Toronto’s magnificent harbour and the fascinating activities of various boats, ships and aircraft.


We were served an attractive buffet with a variety of salads, breads, vegetables, chicken, salmon, pasta and roast beef carved to one’s liking. For dessert, fresh fruits and a variety of delicious cakes and pastries were provided with tea and coffee (including decaffeinated). The food was plentiful and people were encouraged to have extra helpings.

After dinner, dancing was available in two venues: more lively offerings such as the twist and rock on the lower deck and more mellow tunes such as those by Elvis and “Old Blue Eyes” on the middle deck. Many of the guests were lively participants in the dancing, while others were content to stand on deck and soak in the various harbour sights and activities.


The staff and ship’s crew were friendly and efficient and the DJ hosts circulated throughout the ship to ensure that people were enjoying the experience. In all, it was a terrific way to spend a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Experience the AM740 Zoomer Cruise for yourself by watching this Znews video story.

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About the Authors:

Fifty four years of marriage have produced a wonderful family of 4 children, their mates and 6 grandchildren. Mary Lou and Chuck love to be afloat, whether it be on the seven seas visiting the seven continents or a lovely cruise of the Toronto harbour. Since retirement, they have been privileged to take more than 30 ocean and river cruises to a variety of local and exotic destinations.