Top 5 Best Things About Toronto Wedding Cruises

A big city like Toronto has no shortage of choices for wedding venues. Couples on the hunt for a city wedding with a beautiful outdoor setting find that wide-open spaces start to become scarce in the downtown core and come at a premium. Consider a Toronto Wedding Cruise. Mariposa Cruises has hosted thousands of nautical nuptials and if the idea of having your day on the water appeals to you, we’ve got five great reasons why you should:

City or Country Wedding: The Best of Both Worlds


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6 Helpful Tips for Planning your Wedding

Events Manager, Lauren Matunin talks wedding planning.  She’s been to over 100 weddings! Well not exactly…she’s coordinated that many during her tenure at Mariposa Cruises; plus many more special occasions on the water–so it sure feels that way! Lauren makes wedding dreams come true; and with so many happy nuptials behind her–and her own wedding to plan this year– she’s got plenty of insights & good advice to impart. (more…)

Tips for Holiday Party Planning

pictureMariposa Cruises talks to Leisure Program Coordinator, Courtney Mayer, who offers party planning advice that takes the stress out of planning and puts you on track to throwing a successful holiday gathering this season.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to throw a holiday party?


5 Great Reasons to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Mariposa Cruises

There are so many ways to celebrate the holidays with Mariposa Cruises this season. Whether you are looking for a unique event venue to celebrate with family, friends, or coworkers, or you want to get into the holiday spirit, we have just the festive event for you! This season, experience winter cruising from the warmth and comfort of the two largest ships in the harbour. The Captain Matthew Flinders and The Northern Spirit offer fully heated and festively decorated interior dining spaces from which to enjoy the winter wonderland of Toronto waterfront and  skyline–all lit up like a Christmas tree!

Here are 5 great reasons to get on board a Mariposa Cruise this season!

1. Holiday and Christmas Party planning made easy.


Plan the office holiday party with minimum hassle

Get all decked out for the office holiday party without the stress.

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change, a chill is starting to set in the air and while the first flake of snow has yet to hit the ground, it’s not just Santa’s elves who are working away at creating a memorable holiday season in the months to come. In just about every office, there is usually at least one person who is tasked with planning the annual office holiday party.


They are the unsung heroes, who on top of their regular workload are laden with the responsibility of creating an event to boost company morale and spread holiday cheer. After all the annual office holiday party is often the launching point to everyone’s holiday season. While there will be many events to follow throughout the festive season, it is always the hopes of the office holiday party planners that theirs will be remembered as the shining star of the holiday season rather than the dud or office joke. (more…)

How to plan a Luau Party the Mariposa way

Hot summer weather is often a short-and-sweet memory for Canadians. That’s why it is so important to make the most out of our summer months. One of the best ways to celebrate great summer weather is by throwing a luau party.

We’ve hosted a number of luau themed parties and cruises over the years. It’s a favourite theme among many of our charters, not to mention we throw a pretty good Luau themed dinner cruise every August.


Here are some helpful tips on how to create your own Luau themed party this summer. (more…)

Outdoor Wedding Planning – Top 10 Things to Consider

How to plan an outdoor wedding

Photo by Photoworks

Imagine walking down the aisle basking in the glow of the afternoon sun, surrounded by the natural beauty that only nature provides. You share your first kiss as husband and wife as the sun sets just behind you. Later at the reception you have your first dance as a married couple under the stars.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to a religious venue for your ceremony or simply a gorgeous setting for your reception, the appeal of an outdoor wedding, with its romantic natural backdrop, is undeniable. Planning and executing an outdoor wedding, on the other hand, can be unpredictable and is not without its challenges.

Over the years, we’ve played host to a number of weddings in the natural beauty of the Toronto Harbour. As such, we know what can make or break an outdoor wedding.

Here is our top ten list of what every bride and groom needs to consider when planning their outdoor wedding.