Behind the Bar – Making a Merry Mariposa Holiday Cocktail

Merry-Mariposa Holiday CoctailTis the season for celebrating with friends and family and getting into the holiday spirit. Winter is here yet we’re still cruising at Mariposa Cruises and giving the gift of delicious holiday inspired cocktails behind our bars. Our feature drink this month is certain to become a holiday classic when you serve it up to your guests.

Our Featured drink is the Merry Mariposa Holiday Cocktail.


Behind the Bar –Making a Tropical Breeze Martini

At Mariposa Cruises we make several scrumptious beverages behind our bars for our guests to enjoy. No summer is complete without enjoying a delicious fruity cocktail. That’s why we wanted to share with you, one of our favourite tropical cocktail recipes, in case you’d like to try this at home.

Our Featured drink is the Tropical Breeze Martini