5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Nautical Wedding in Toronto

Consider a nautical wedding!  Imagine walking down the aisle alongside the sun, glittering against the rippling waves. The fresh air and gentle breeze tickling your senses. Rich hues of purple and orange paint the perfect backdrop, as the sun sets against the water. You’re glowing, there’s a sparkle in your eye and you say I do. Finally, the day turns to night and the stars electrify the sky with the Toronto city lights, as you share your first dance as a married couple.

nautical wedding

If you like the sound of this, why not experience it for yourself? There are numerous reasons that make nautical weddings in Toronto a truly breathtaking experience. However, at Mariposa Cruises, we offer plenty of other perks; including a limited time offer, where you can SAVE 20% OFF 2020 weddings when you book by August 31st, 2019!

1. Ever-changing Scenery 

Exchange your vows with a view! Getting married on a boat guarantees a scenic background to compliment every moment of your event, especially in Toronto. We have one of the most iconic skylines in the world and there’s no better way to experience it than from the water! From the city skyline and sunset views, to the lush Toronto Islands, every view is different. We’ve made many dream weddings come true and know the importance of capturing memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our vessels offer dynamic angles that provide lots of natural light and the best views in the city.

nautical wedding

2. Personalize Your Ceremony: We Make Planning Simple and Stress Free!

When you have a wedding at Mariposa Cruises, your boat is your oyster! Religious or not, big or small, we do it all! Getting married on a boat allows you to customize your wedding to represent your personal values and preferences, whatever the theme or style may be. Many newlyweds are keeping up with the trend of getting married in unconventional venues, such as a boat. However, we offer all elements of a traditional or non-traditional wedding, even a blend of both! We provide our clients with a full-service event planning team that is efficient and cost effective. They take care of all the details from décor to entertainment, food and beverage, photography, music and anything else your heart desires.

Our personalized planning process is simple and stress free! A Sales Manager will help you find a vessel that is the perfect fit for your wedding. Each of our six vessels are uniquely styled and vary in capacity from 40 guests to 560. Every couple is assigned an Event Coordinator, who will detail your event from start to finish. A dedicated Restaurant Manager and hospitality team are there for you on the day of your cruise; and DJ services are included on all vessels except the yacht Rosemary. Finally, our navigational team ensures smooth sailing and the best cruise route for the day of your wedding.

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3. Smaller & More Intimate 

When choosing a wedding venue, location, style and proximity to guests are very important. Having your wedding on a boat always allows you to stay within close range to your family and friends, whether you’re hosting 50 people or over 500. The outer decks provide comfortable seating arrangements that give guests the ability to easily mingle while enjoying the scenery. Our venue allows you to control the type of experience you want your guest to have, so that you can spend more time on the dance floor or chatting with your guests.

wedding cruise

4.  Feels Like You’re on Vacation 

Having your wedding on a boat feels like a destination wedding without the hassle! You don’t need to limit your number of guests, worry about finding accommodations or an expensive plane ticket to feel like you’re leaving the city. Why head to the tropics when you can experience the lush greenery of the Toronto Islands? The thrill of setting sail makes your guests feel like they are going on an excursion, even though they are just experiencing Toronto in a new way. On a Toronto cruise you can instantly be transported from the hustle and bustle of city life to a peaceful escape in minutes! During your voyage, guests can explore Toronto’s magnificent lakefront, waterways and lagoons . Plus, it’s a great way for out-of-town guests to experience Canada’s largest city.

nautical wedding

5. An Outdoor Wedding with all the Benefits of Being Indoor

The appeal of an outdoor wedding, with the inherent beauty only nature can provide is undeniable. However, spacious outdoor venues in Toronto’s downtown core are hard to find. Especially, those that can host a large number of guests, pre-wedding gatherings, a wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. At Mariposa Cruises, our vessels can facilitate all of this, while providing you with open, airy decks and private interior spaces. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about logistics and added expenses of transporting your guests to different venues. Enjoy your wedding ceremony in the natural light, with a picturesque backdrop and end the night by dancing under the stars!

nautical wedding

Having a nautical wedding in Toronto is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding! Embark with us on your journey and let us help you bring your dream wedding to life!

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Among every group of friends there is at least one person who has organized, prepared and said “I do” at the altar. Thankfully, they are there every step of the way for you, to shed light on the do’s, don’ts and the what I wish I did on the big day! While we understand you may have a few friends like this, it is a totally different ball game when your wedding is on a boat! This comes with different obstacles, opportunities and advice! Not to worry, our seasoned team has received plenty of feedback over the years, and we compiled a few of our best wedding tips for you! 


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Eric and Niamh

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Sharon and Joe: Reflections on their First Wedding Anniversary

Our guests Sharon and Joe were married aboard the Showboat on July 3, 2015. A year later Mariposa Cruises is happy to welcome them on board again to share their wedding experience and celebrate their First Anniversary.

By the time Joe and I were married, we had been together for 26 years!  Although we often talked about ‘tying the knot‘, we could not decide on ‘the how’, traditional or non-traditional.  The pivotal event that helped in our decision came when we attended a fundraiser aboard the Northern Spirit.  We later discovered that good friends had been married, years earlier, aboard the same ship.  We were ‘hooked’!  With Mariposa Cruises we had our traditional ceremony with a very unique venue!

Bagatto Cunningham Wedding-129



Outdoor Wedding Planning – Top 10 Things to Consider

How to plan an outdoor wedding

Photo by Photoworks

Imagine walking down the aisle basking in the glow of the afternoon sun, surrounded by the natural beauty that only nature provides. You share your first kiss as husband and wife as the sun sets just behind you. Later at the reception you have your first dance as a married couple under the stars.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to a religious venue for your ceremony or simply a gorgeous setting for your reception, the appeal of an outdoor wedding, with its romantic natural backdrop, is undeniable. Planning and executing an outdoor wedding, on the other hand, can be unpredictable and is not without its challenges.

Over the years, we’ve played host to a number of weddings in the natural beauty of the Toronto Harbour. As such, we know what can make or break an outdoor wedding.

Here is our top ten list of what every bride and groom needs to consider when planning their outdoor wedding.