Santa Claus on board the Santa Brunch CruiseWinterfest is back on the harbour which means Santa will once again be onboard his favourite ship the Northern Spirit for Mariposa Cruises 10th annual Santa Cruise.

With two Santa Brunch Cruises set to cruise this weekend we thought we would sit down with the big man in red to find out why he loves coming aboard the Northern Spirit every year for Mariposa Cruises annual Santa Cruise.

Hi Santa, thanks for joining us today on the Captain’s Blog. We appreciate that your time is very precious this time of year.

Ho-ho, my pleasure!

How are preparations for Christmas Eve going?

Extremely well – we’re a very well-oiled machine at the North Pole having been doing this for so many years. We’re now in the home stretch with Christmas only a week away. The elves have everything under control. I’ve checked my naughty and nice list twice. The reindeers have been training all year and are in great shape. They’re looking forward to their long flight. Mrs Claus has been doing a great job at keeping morale up by making plenty of her special hot chocolate and Christmas cookies for all our elves. We’re more than ready for our big night.

Can you believe this is the 10th year that you have come aboard Mariposa Cruises Santa Cruise? What is it that you like most about being on a Mariposa Cruise?

Ho ho, my how time flies! Well it’s hard not to love the view out on the Toronto Harbour, especially after a fresh blanket of snow. It’s almost tropical compared to what I’m used to up at the North Pole. I usually only get the bird’s eye view when I visit Toronto and I’m so busy delivering toys to all the boys and girls of Toronto that I don’t really have a chance to sit back and admire the view.

Santa Brunch Cruise on the Toronto Harbour

Coming aboard my favourite ship the Northern Spirit lets me take in the extraordinary view. You wouldn’t believe how much the harbour has changed since I first started making trips to Toronto. Ho,ho, that was long before the CN Tower was built or even before any skyscraper graced the skyline for that matter. Back then the shoreline didn’t stretch that far south and the Toronto Islands was part of the mainland. Ho-ho, my how things have changed!

Santa Cruise has become a real highlight for me over the years. It’s such a nice way to meet with all the good boys and girls of Toronto and find out what they want most for Christmas. It’s a real nice touch that everyone gets a free photo with me too.

Most of all, I love the service of your wonderful crew. Each one of them has been on my nice list for many years now.

What dish are you looking forward to most on the Santa brunch cruise?

While I enjoy all of Mariposa’s delicious food, as you know I have a bit of a sweet tooth, that’s why I’m especially looking forward to the chef’s famous French toast with pure maple syrup. There’s nothing quite like Canadian maple syrup!

You’ve brought along a few friends to help entertain the boys and girls while they wait to have their photo taken with you. Can you tell us more about that?

Ho ho, yes I’ve brought my wife Mrs. Claus as well as some of my top performing elves. As much as I’d love to bring all of the elves unfortunately I need them back at the North Pole making sure all of the presents get made in time for Christmas.

Mrs Claus onbaord Mariposa Cruises Santa Brunch Cruise

Coming aboard Mariposa Cruises’ Santa Cruise has become quite an honour for my elves and each one hopes to be selected every year.

What kind of entertainment can the boys and girls of Toronto expect when they come aboard the Santa Cruise?

Oh, there’s so much fun on board! We’ve got colouring, crossword puzzles and even some very talented face painters. Plus some of my elves will lead the children in some of our favourite reindeer games like “elf, elf, reindeer” and my favourite “Santa says”.

Reindeer games with Santa's elves on Mariposa Cruises Santa Brunch Cruise

Sounds like a great way for the family to spend time together. Any last words Santa?

Yes, come on down to Winterfest on Toronto’s Waterfront this weekend and come spend time with me, Mrs Claus and the elves aboard Mariposa Cruises’ Santa Brunch cruise.