If you’ve ever wanted to use GarageBand on your Windows computer, now you have the perfect opportunity. GarageBand is a computer music program made of elements of Apple’s iLife multimedia package. In its original assumption it was intended for the Macintosh computers but in operation and use it resembles a program designed for computers with the Windows operating system – Sonic Foundry Acid. It’s main task is to create music from so-called loops, created independently or purchased in libraries.

You will surely have fun creating music on your iPhone device with the help of GarageBand for Windows because it has quite an impressive UI design. While the UI design is simple, still there are tons of different features among which having virtual instruments is the real deal. In fact you can also plug in real instruments to your desktop and at the same time record under each track layer. The main reason why millions of people love using GarageBand is because it has simple design which makes creating music quite easy. And we can make use of all those virtual instruments by adding each under a single track, at the end creating master audio.

Next we have many audio loops and audio effects which can be used to create amazing sounds on the go. We can add different audio loops and effects with the help of filters by creating professional music like DJ artists. Among the drummer kit we have 9 different sets which we can make use of anytime with just a single click.

Download GarageBand For iPhone 6 7 iOS 10.3.3 2018

And when you are done creating music you can simply click on Export button to save GarageBand as MP3 file. In this way you can save GarageBand songs on your desktop or even share them social media sites like Facebook, SoundCloud and more. I will be sharing the simple steps which will guide you to install GarageBand for iPhone 7, such that you can rest assured.

GarageBand iPhone System Requirements 2018

The latest version of GarageBand for IOS was released on June 05, 2017 and the current version is GarageBand 2.2.2. But before we check the system requirements you must make sure that, you have enough space to install GarageBand for iPhone or iPad. It is so because this version has a size of around 1.7GB and it won’t be a problem for IOS devices with 32+ GB storage. But when it comes to iPhone a device that has 16 GB storage we have to think twice before installing an app which is around 2 GB.

Now coming on to the important part of this guide, which is can an iPhone 6 run GarageBand without any problem. Then we have to make sure that the iPhone or iPad device you are using should be running on IOS 10.3+. So this is the only system requirements that should be full filled before making sure that you can install GarageBand on iPhone 7.
Windows is not a problem anymore

The GarageBand for Windows was based on the GarageBand program for the iOS iPad. Because of this, the appearance of the program on Windows is very similar to the appearance of the iPad program. This program transforms the computer versatile music studio with all sound libraries including program instruments, guitar and vocal settings, and virtual session drummers. You can compose music with or without instruments. If you have any instrument that can be connected to your computer – there will be more fun. However, if you do not have any instruments – it does not matter. The GarageBand will let you create music with the mouse and keyboard.