Daryl Ledwon recounts his unique experience of being a groom and working with our Events Team to create a truly unique wedding on board the Showboat for himself, his bride and his guests.


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It was honestly the best day of my life, marrying the woman I fell in love with so long ago. It went by so fast. I realize this will gain me some brownie points that I will hope to cash-in when I inevitably mess up….I’m a husband now, after all.

I speak with friends and associates all the time who are looking to book their wedding in a unique setting. It must be the age where everyone I know is getting married! I totally understand how important this is: setting up your special day; planning the perfect wedding; and ensuring the dream comes to fruition.

My experience was nothing short of awesome. I can’t say enough about the team at Mariposa, truly engaged in the entire process which put us at ease for sure.


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Planning for our special day started with an invitation from a friend who worked at Mariposa Cruises. It was an industry event. I also worked in the hospitality field for another company at the time. I decided to invite my fiancée Melanie to join me and much to my surprise, she made the trek downtown after work and off we went on the Showboat for a quick harbour tour with the team at Mariposa.


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During the cruise, Melanie said, this would be a neat idea for a wedding. I agreed. We got our quote from Sophie, who was genuinely happy for us, and from that moment on, my fiancée became a planner! I was an essential part of the planning process…meaning I had to show up, look good, and pay the bill. It’s good to be a groom – virtually no responsibilities (except for total agreement in all things the bride says of course) and you get to practice “Yes dear” really early on so that come the wedding day, it’s second nature.


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The team at Mariposa Cruises were so easy to work with and I think they were surprised at how organized Melanie was. She hired an event stylist (something new to me) who was in charge of décor and flowers. In the freezing cold of winter, we came down for an appointment with Lauren, our on-site coordinator that Mariposa provides. We had to measure the boat for décor and discuss the event in detail. Lauren was a breeze to work with.


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So the big day was approaching. Everything was taken care of. Melanie had everything secured – photographer, officiant, décor, flowers and music selection. Luckily Mariposa provides a DJ and we just had to say NO chicken dance or Macarena because, we just aren’t that cool anymore. Everything else was ready to go.

When the day came, my bride was remarkably calm. She knew she had done everything and was comfortable that Mariposa would pull off a great event. So this is where it really changed our perspective. Being confident in getting what you pay for is one thing, being amazed by the service and quality is quite another. Truly remarkable service is what we encountered. We have both worked in hospitality for years and both were just wowed. It’s hard to be wowed these days.


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From the moment we boarded the boat, the staff were amazing. I mean beyond our expectations amazing. I mean seriously, above and beyond does not do these people justice. They are true hospitality, the essence of customer service. Our Cruise Manager, Melissa was absolutely spectacular. She was so nice, so understanding, way too accommodating (not that you should take advantage) and just amazingly pleasant to deal with. My wife sent a special thank you card just to her because she was so impressed.

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All in, the day was actually perfect. The weather started out raining but the clouds parted, we had a triple rainbow, and as the sun set with our amazing view of the city, we enjoyed the entire experience with friends and family.


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Our guests remarked mostly about the chocolate fountain which we did try to permanently borrow but had no way of doing that. The food was delicious. The bar was fantastic, quick and fun drinks were created all around!


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The wedding ended with a million conversations going on, the staff at Mariposa were extremely patient with our chatty guests, I had to step in and tell them all to get off the boat, in a nice way of course.

Melissa took care of everything, managed the décor for us, and essentially tore down the event after we left so we could just enjoy the rest of the wedding off the boat. Sophie checked in with us after we got back from the honeymoon. Lauren checked in and we got a lovely card from the staff. It was just flawless execution of customer service all around.


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Having been a customer gives me a great perspective on what a venue should actually do for weddings. I can talk about our day all day every day to newly engaged couples looking for a unique venue. It beats the norm. It’s completely flexible, and you really couldn’t ask for better service or quality. I will always recommend Mariposa as a venue for a wedding or any other function because I know just how good everything is.

Exceeding expectations is the norm around here and Melanie and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


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About the Author:

Daryl Ledwon is a Sales Professional in Toronto.  He and Melanie are both from the Niagara Region and moved to Toronto in 2012.