Mariposa Cruises’ guest Jane High retells her experience aboard the Klancy II for a girls’ weekend brunch with her sister, cousin and friend.

Klancy II_5304If you’re looking for a great brunch place with awesome scenery, look no further than Mariposa Cruises!

I went on one of Mariposa’s brunch cruises with my sister, Katie, my cousin Lindsay, who was in town visiting from Ottawa, and my friend Caitlin, who is getting married in a few weeks and whose fiancé was having his bachelor party at their home that day (I had strict instructions to keep her occupied for the day). Katie, Caitlin, and I are all from Toronto and figured we had seen and done it all at this point. Lindsay has been to visit several times, but hadn’t seen much of the Toronto waterfront.

Katie and I were trying to think of a good brunch place to take Lindsay and Caitlin and a friend of ours recommended we try a boat cruise. I Googled Toronto boat cruises and found Mariposa Cruises. The Mariposa website was really easy to navigate; I really liked that I could search events on their calendar and order tickets online. I also really liked that their website was easy to navigate on a mobile phone, since I use my iPhone for pretty much everything! I booked the tickets and received a confirmation email shortly after with all the information I needed for the day.

Girls brunch on the harbour

The morning of the cruise, Katie, Lindsay, Caitlin, and I met at Pier 6 and walked around the area for a few minutes before boarding. The construction in the Queen’s Quay neighbourhood has been a headache for some time, but once you get past it, the waterfront is the same beautiful place it always has been. At the docks, there were lots of big boats all getting ready to set sail. There were lots of people eating and drinking, enjoying the scenery, walking dogs, and exercising. After our quick exploration, we easily found the Klancy II and boarded right on time.

The Klancy II was small compared to lots of the other boats in the harbour, which was nice; it made for a more personal experience. The staff were all super attentive and friendly. They sat us at our table and told us everything we needed to know about our cruise. After some coffee, we ordered four mimosas -delicious!


Drinks in hand, we headed outside to get a look at the scenery before brunch was served. The boat did a big loop and then headed through the Toronto Islands. I was excited to see so many people enjoying our waterfront. Kayakers, dragon boaters, and lots of sailors. Even though it was an overcast day, people were out, taking advantage of our short Canadian summer.

Girls brunch toronto islands

We spent some time admiring the great views, watching the birds, and chatting. At 12:30, we headed back in to eat. The buffet brunch was really amazing. There was a nice mix of breakfast and lunch options. There were also plenty of vegetarian options for Caitlin, which was great. I think everyone’s favourites were the quinoa and lentil salads–so good!

After eating, we headed back out to the bow of the boat to enjoy the scenery again. At this point on the tour, we had an awesome view of the Toronto skyline. It reminded me a little of my trip to Hong Kong last year. When I was there, I spent a lot of time ferrying back and forth to all the islands. The view from the ferry was one of my favourite parts of the region. I always forget, having been born and raised in Toronto, that we too, have a spectacular skyline–I should make more of an effort to see it!

Girls brunch Toronto skyline

We docked right on time, at 2:00 PM.

What a great way to spend the morning. Katie, Caitlin, and I started the day thinking we’d seen and experienced it all when it came to Toronto and its waterfront, but we hadn’t ever been on a tour like this. Lindsay was really pleased to have seen the Toronto waterfront and its beautiful views. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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About the Author:

Jane lives in mid-town Toronto and works in publishing. In her spare time, she likes to run, play team sports, cook, drink wine, and hang out with friends and dogs.