Mariposa Cruises’ guest performer Johnathan Ryan recounts his experience performing on board the Captain Matthew Flinders for the end of summer, Summer Sizzle Cruise on the Toronto Harbour.

Summer-Sizzle-Cruise-facebook I boarded the Captain Matthew Flinders for the first time on the hottest Saturday of the summer to perform for the Summer Sizzle Cruise.

When I arrived on deck I met some of the crew members who were working hard to prepare for the cruise. They took a moment to stop and introduce themselves and offer any assistance I might need. Everyone was so kind and I felt very welcome to be on board.

I was excited to play 3 sets on 3 different decks of the ship and was looking forward to getting the show started. As I finished my sound-check and went to the deck for some fresh air passengers began boarding the ship. The show started on the main interior deck as we left the harbour and embarked on the first ever Summer Sizzle Cruise. When I took the stage I performed my first single Electricity off my new album Electricity Now available at I also played some old favourites including Bob Dylan’s Knockn’ On Heaven’s Door. The night was off to a good start and there was a lot more fun to come.


Following my first set of the night an outstanding buffet dinner was served that was as good or better than anywhere I’ve eaten in the city. There was a wide variety of foods including grilled vegetable rotolo, roasted chicken, salmon and my personal favourite prime rib roast.

Along with the delicious entrées there was fresh salads, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and more. To finish it all off dessert was an assortment of tasty treats which included cakes, tortes, squares, and freshly baked cookies. Not to mention a chocolate fondue fountain with a wide variety of fresh fruit. Honestly the dinner itself is worth taking a cruise with Mariposa.

After dinner I played some more songs from my album Electricity including my new single Remember The Summer Nights which was very well received. People were dancing on the dance floor and it was so much fun to be at the center of it all. I was at the front of the ship surrounded by windows so people were watching me from the outside deck as they took in the beautiful waterfront views.


By this time it was getting dark and the city lights were starting to glow in the distance. As I stepped outside for some photos I was amazed by the beautiful views and the whole Mariposa experience.

The last set of the night took place on the upper outside deck. I enjoyed the fresh air as I played beneath the stars. It was an awesome way to finish the cruise playing outside as we pulled into the pier. When we arrived at the dock people stayed to hear me play my last few songs and like that it was all over. Johnathan-Ryan-outer-deck

It was such a wonderful experience and I will definitely be back for another cruise with Mariposa in the future. I would suggest it to anyone looking for an outstanding meal and overall amazing night out!

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About the Author:

Johnathan Ryan is a Canadian singer songwriter located in Toronto ON. His debut album Electricity is available now @ (itunes, amazon, HMV) Find more @ and join him on Facebook and twitter.