Where it all started, Janelle pictured in front of the Mariposa Cruises kiosk.

Meet Janelle Hazelton, Leisure Program Coordinator for Mariposa Cruises and Toronto Ambassador extraordinaire!

It all started in Harbour Tours

Now in her fourth season with Mariposa Cruises, Janelle started out in Harbour Tours, leading live narrations. An endless resource of Toronto trivia, Janelle can point out virtually every landmark along the waterfront and harbour and give its history. Her favorite site along the tour is the Gibraltor Point Lighthouse, whose legendary spooky story she enjoys telling.  Did you know that the Rogers Centre set the world record in 1992 for the greatest number of inflated hot air balloons in an enclosed area—46 in total to be precise? (Janelle knows that.) 

Janelle had the opportunity to hone the extraordinary talents required to work in Harbour Tours, where meeting people from all over the world goes hand in hand with the job. “I learn so much from the people I meet and at the same time share what I know about Toronto. Every day I had to have my travel tips ready and I struck instant friendships with a few of them in only 45-minutes. I know some people I can visit if I ever visit Thailand or San Francisco.” Every day Janelle came ready to answer a range of questions from our guests, like “Are there sharks in the water?”, “How tall is the CN Tower?”, “Where is the ferry terminal?”  Many of the questions come from Torontonians who come to visit the waterfront for the first time.  “It’s surprising how many times I met people from Toronto who forgot there is a lake at the foot of the city. They are delighted by the cruise experience and wonder why they’ve never visited before.” 

Janelle managed the Harbour Tour program during the transition from live narrations to the launch of Mariposa Cruises’ GPS guided Habour Tours, featuring audio narrations in six languages- English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German and Japanese. “With live narrations there’s the personal aspect, and I could customize it, make it my own and interact with the guests during the narrations. The audio narrations free the tour guides to interact with the guests a lot more and answer their individual questions as they enjoy the tour.”

Janelle in front of the Oriole.

On to Public Cruises 

Janelle hard at work in the office.

This season Janelle took on the new and challenging role of Leisure Program Coordinator, overseeing the daily operations of our Public Cruises program, which also includes Harbour Tours and coordinating activities across our fleet of vessels—no small task! Based in our Reservations Department, Janelle handles the daily inquiries from our customers and their requests.  She makes sure the birthday cakes are ordered, the seating plans are completed, the centerpieces distributed and collected, and our customers are taken care of.  “There can be so many different experiences taking place on a single voyage, whether it’s a lunch, brunch or dinner cruise, from bachelorettes and birthdays to dinner dates, anniversaries and group reservations. No one cruise is the same as another.”

Asked what she enjoys most about her job “The people I work with really make it worth it and I like that every season I have worked for Mariposa Cruises, I had an opportunity to develop professionally, starting as a tour guide, then managing the Harbour Tours program and now taking on the more challenging role as Leisure Program Coordinator. I also really like speaking to our customers. It’s not always easy but a lot of the times I talk to some really amazing people and I don’t want to end the call.”

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