Harbour-Tour-App-IconMariposa Cruises is excited to announce the launch of our new Toronto Harbour Tour App.

The Harbour Tour App is exclusive to Mariposa Cruises and is the only app of its kind available in the Toronto Harbour. 

The Harbour Tour App includes:

  1. Audio and written narration in English
  2. Audio and written narration in different languages (French, Spanish and Mandarin)
  3. 20+ featured points of interest with pictures and map locators
  4. Harbour Tour route map with marked points of interest

As part of our commitment to providing excellent service to our guests, the Harbour Tour App was developed to enhance our guest experience by providing an accessible audio version of our Scenic Harbour Tour. While our Scenic Harbour Tour is already narrated, our new Harbour Tour App will provide options for our guests to cater the tour based on their individual needs.

Mariposa-Cruises-Harbour-Tour-App-downloaded-choice-of-tours2At Mariposa Cruises, we are fortunate enough to welcome aboard guests from different places in the world. As such, we understand that each of our guests may have different comprehension levels of English or may simply enjoy learning about certain facts at their own pace. Thanks to our new Harbour Tour App, our guests will have the choice between four different tours including our regular tour in English and our translated versions.

Our Harbour Tours App was designed to be user friendly and intuitive, providing a full audio-visual experience. Complete with a map to show our guests points of interest, they can choose to simply listen or read along.

Guests can listen at their own pace and choose which points of interest they would like to learn about. The Harbour Tour app can also be used to repeat anything they may have missed the first time.

Our Toronto Harbour Tour App is FREE and easy to download. It works off-line and can be used on multiple platforms including Android or any portable Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad.

While this is a big step forward for Mariposa Cruises, we are always looking to improve. As such we will be developing new tours for our guests to choose from in the future, including a kid-friendly narration and historical narration.

If there is a version of the Toronto Harbour Tour App that you would like to see, let us know.