Mariposa Cruises’ guest Adam Jackson retells his experience aboard the Showboat for the Oktoberfest Dinner Cruise on the Toronto Harbour.

Oktoberfest cruise aboard the ShowboatWhen you think Oktoberfest your mind could either imagine a classy evening with a German-themed menu, or a beer hall full of drunk people swilling beer. Thankfully Mariposa’s Oktoberfest cruise was the former, although secretly I would have been happy with either.

Upon boarding the “Showboat” with my brother, we were shown to our seats and a waiter took our drink orders. This wasn’t going to be a beer-hall type evening, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get into the Oktoberfest spirit and swig from a stein so I ordered 1L of beer. It was a good deal because I even got to keep the stein which now sits above my television.


Oktoberfest - Drinking-from-1L-steins

The waiters all wore Oktoberfest-style hats, and the blue and white décor had me thinking I was in the heart of Bavaria.

The DJ gave us a few nuggets of interesting information about some of Toronto’s landmarks as the boat set off from the dock, and this is when we were treated to a view of the sunset in the distance. The DJ also got us in the Oktoberfest spirit with some polka-style German tunes.

Oktoberfest cruise - seeing the sunset from the Showboat

Dinner began shortly after. To say that my brother and I are fans of food would be an understatement, and the German-themed buffet had our mouths watering. The schnitzels and sausages were amazing, and my personal claim to make the tastiest potato salad in the world was swiftly proven false by what the Mariposa chefs had to offer. I thought the food was so good that I went back for seconds, just to be sure.

Mariposa Cruises Oktoberfest menu - German food and steins

I managed to leave some room for dessert and I’m glad I did. A chocolate fondue fountain was the centerpiece of the dessert table. Fruit was provided to dip but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of delicious marshmallows! Delicious cakes were also on hand in case you were one of the few people on earth that don’t enjoy chocolate covered marshmallows (or if you were just a bit greedy like me).

Chocolate-fondue on Mariposa Cruises Oktoberfest cruise

After dinner, and a few minutes of recovery, it was time to head up to the top deck and check out the view. Whilst we were eating, the boat had been making its way through the nooks and crannies of the Toronto Islands, something I definitely hadn’t seen before.

The real highlight occurred once we re-entered the main harbor and got an unobstructed view of the Toronto skyline. The CN Tower, Rogers Center and surrounding buildings lit up at night was a sight to behold that you certainly don’t get every day.

Toronto-skyline-at-night aboard Mariposa Cruises Oktoberfest cruise

The DJ tested our memory based on the facts we had been told as we left the dock earlier in the evening and there were some giveaways. I was the lucky recipient of a stylish hat.

Oktoberfest Cruise - stein, hat and view

I noticed the music had changed slightly and the DJ was giving us some more modern music that, if I were a dancing man, would have me on the dance floor busting some moves.

Oktoberfest Cruise souvenirs - stein-and-hat

Stein in hand, hat on head and stomach full, the boat was docking and it was sadly time for the evening to end. A big thank you to the Mariposa staff (especially the chefs!) for a fantastic night.

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About the Author: Adam Jackson

About the Author:

Adam is a 31 year old who has recently made Toronto his home. Originally from Australia, he spent the last two years living and working in the UK, visiting the best cities Europe has to offer.