Get all decked out for the office holiday party without the stress.

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change, a chill is starting to set in the air and while the first flake of snow has yet to hit the ground, it’s not just Santa’s elves who are working away at creating a memorable holiday season in the months to come. In just about every office, there is usually at least one person who is tasked with planning the annual office holiday party.


They are the unsung heroes, who on top of their regular workload are laden with the responsibility of creating an event to boost company morale and spread holiday cheer. After all the annual office holiday party is often the launching point to everyone’s holiday season. While there will be many events to follow throughout the festive season, it is always the hopes of the office holiday party planners that theirs will be remembered as the shining star of the holiday season rather than the dud or office joke.

There are many things to consider when planning the annual office holiday party from venues to menus, drinks and high-jinks, a tree, Santa’s knee, games and the mains, guests and contests, RSVPS and MC’s, from flavours to favors, acoustics and music, setup and clean-up, budget and judgement, décor and much more. The experience of planning can be pretty overwhelming.

Luckily, the elves at Mariposa Cruises have been hard at work to create some great ready-made holiday party packages to alleviate the stress and burden that many party planners are facing across the GTA. An office holiday party cruise is a memorable way to celebrate the festive season with coworkers and reward them for their hard work for the past year.

Winter Wonderland - Office Holiday Party

There is nothing more spectacular in the GTA than seeing the Toronto skyline lit up like a Christmas tree from the vantage point of the Toronto Harbour, especially when viewed from one of the two largest ships in the Toronto Harbour, the Northern Spirit or the Captain Matthew Flinders.

Experiencing the Toronto Harbour when it is transformed into a winter wonderland will have coworkers talking about the office holiday party for months maybe even years to come.

From planning to execution the Mariposa team of professionals will take care of all the details for any stressed out office holiday party planner, allowing the planner for once to kick-back and enjoy the office holiday party along with his or her coworkers.

Mariposa’s Team of Event planners are ready to assist with all of the planning needs and can present some great options and pricing for all holiday party decisions from menu and drink packages, to sourcing the perfect Santa. Mariposa Cruises’ fleet comes pre-decorated in tasteful and festive holiday décor. A DJ can also be provided to help set the holiday mood.


The winter fleet is fully-heated and fully equipped with full service kitchens (galleys), fully stocked bars, dance floors and great sound systems. Each ship can accommodate for up to 300 guests each during the winter months but can also cater for smaller parties.

Office Holiday party planners can choose to charter the entire ship or simply hire one level/deck of either vessel according to the size of the holiday party. For smaller office parties, groups can choose to join one of Mariposa Cruises regular public Dinner Cruises and take advantage of the group rates or come aboard the Ugly Christmas Sweater Cocktail Cruise.

So if you know of any stressed out office holiday planners, why not give them an early gift this year and tell them about Mariposa Cruises holiday packages.

For more details talk to one of our Sales Managers about hosting your office holiday party aboard Mariposa Cruises.

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