Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an age restriction for attending a cruise?
The age restriction for private event charters is at the discretion of the charterer and Mariposa Cruises. Proper ID and proof of age for bar service is required for all events. Please contact your event lead for specific details.


What is the dress code for Mariposa Cruises?
For private charters, the dress code is event appropriate. Please contact your event lead for specific details. Sensible footwear is strongly recommended due to the boarding ramps, steep staircases and watertight doorways. High heels are never recommended on board boats. We suggest that you bring a sweater or wrap, as it is a couple of degrees cooler on the water than it is on land.


All our vessels offers fully licensed bar service with cash bar. Bar Packages are available. Contact us for full details and prices.


What is “Boarding Time”, “Cruising Time”, “Docking Time” & “Final Disembarking Time”?

  • ”Boarding Time” is the earliest our guests may board the ship. This is typically scheduled for 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your cruising time.
  • “Cruising Time” is the time from departure to docking and the boat is cruising on the water.
  • “Docking Time” is the scheduled time that the boat will return to dock.
  • “Final Disembarking Time” is the time allotted for guests to gather their things and say their goodbyes before departing for the evening. This is up to 30 minutes after docking.

For private event charters, the boarding time may vary and is at the charterer’s discretion. Please contact your event lead for specific details.


What is your cancellation policy?
As the boat is contracted and held from inventory, all sales are final. There are no refunds or transfers. We sail rain or shine. Please refer to your contract or contact your Sales Manager.


Where does Mariposa cruise?
Mariposa Cruises vessels cruise on the sheltered waters of the Toronto Harbour and on Lake Ontario providing stunning views of Toronto’s skyline and Toronto Island parkland. Our cruising route is tailored to the conditions on the cruise date and are dependent on weather, lake conditions and boat traffic.

Because of their sea-worthy construction and size, both The Captain Matthew Flinders and The Northern Spirit are too large to cruise through the Toronto island lagoons.

NB: Due to Transport Canada regulations all ships must remain in the inner harbour from September 30th to April 30th.


We provide white linen tablecloths for all dining tables as well as all the linen for the buffet stations. We work with a great group of preferred suppliers who can work with you and your budget to provide centrepieces, chair covers, balloons and many other décor options.
Yes! Please let us know in advance what you would want to do. Please do not use any confetti, sparkles, sand, lit candles, and/or tape (Thank you!) 
We find that most décor can be completed in 1 hour. If you would like more time, we will work with you; additional charges may apply. 
Yes, please try and limit your decorating team to a maximum of 4 persons.


How do I get to the ship?
All boats operated by Mariposa Cruises are conveniently and centrally located at the southwest corner of Queen’s Quay W and York Street. We are a comfortable walk from Union Station, many downtown hotels and are right on the Toronto Transit Route, along with a dedicated taxi stand and plenty of paid parking.
(Get directions here)


How can we drop items off to the boat before our event?

Depending on the size, most items are carried and/or brought on dollies to the boats.
Harbourfront Centre operates the dock which is a pedestrian promenade and not open to vehicular traffic after 11 AM on weekdays. For larger items, access may be arranged in advance to have the gate opened. Please contact your event coordinator to make these arrangements.


In most cases, DJs are included with your charter fee. Our DJs can play a wide selection of musical genres and it is advisable to name specific genres your group may wish to hear during your event in advance to ensure a smooth flow of tunes! And of course, our DJs are open to accepting requests. 
Mariposa is partnered with a wide variety of entertainment producers from big bands, caricature artists, psychics, hand writing analysts, roaming magicians, hypnotists and many more. The sky is the limit! Pricing may vary. Please contact your Account Manager for further details. 
Mariposa cruises is partnered with a DJ company offering some of the best DJs; however, we are happy to work with you should you decide to bring your own DJ. Additional fees may apply, please contact our Account Managers for further details. Rules & Conditions apply.


HST and fees apply to the ticket price. The fees charged do not represent a tip or gratuity for our service staff and are used to cover certain direct cruise costs.  It is appropriate to leave a gratuity for any on board purchases or if you feel that you received exceptional service.


What size group can Mariposa Cruises accommodate?
Mariposa Cruises offers private yacht charters for 2 guests to 575.


With advance notice, we will gladly accommodate requests for vegetarian or kosher meals, as well as other special dietary requirements. 
Our food is of excellent quality, however, we understand that there may be times  when other options are required. We work with a list of preferred outside caterers who may be able to satisfy your needs. Please contact our Account Managers for contact information. If you have your own caterer, we would be happy to work with them; a one-time catering agreement must be signed. 
We would be delighted to serve you and your guests with a plated dinner service; some limitations do apply. Please contact our Account Managers for a customized proposal. 


Yes! There are several options located within walking distance to our fleet:

Standard Parking
200 Queen’s Quay West
Daily rates vary

Harbourfront Centre Parking
225 Queen’s Quay West
Daily rates and information can be found here.

Yes. Coach parking is located on the northwest corner of Queen’s Quay West & Rees Street (directly south of The Rogers Centre), a short 2 blocks west of Mariposa Cruise’s docking locations at Queen’s Quay Terminal Building. Arrangements must be made minimum 5 days in advance with the Harbourfront Centre, 416-839-0227. 
Coaches may use the southbound lanes of Rees, York and Lower Simcoe Streets for short-term drop/off and pick-up. 


What type of payment do you accept?
We accept major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner’s Club. We also accept cash, cheque, electronic transfers, money orders, and certified checks.

NOTE: Payment in full is required prior to the cruise date. Deposit and balances are preferred to be paid by cash or cheque.

What type of payment do you accept on board your vessels?

We accept payment by cash or major credit card only. Debit is not accepted on any of our vessels.


Will my cell phone work on the cruise?
Yes, your cell phone will work on the cruise though there may be black out areas. For the comfort of other guests, we ask that cell phone conversations be held only on the outside decks.


Will I get seasick?
It is unlikely and rare. Mariposa Cruises sails in the calm waters of Toronto’s inner harbour and on Lake Ontario.  Our cruise route is determined by our Captains and with the comfort of our guests in mind.


How is seating arranged on board?
Seating arrangements and floor plans may be altered based on your requirements. Our Event Coordinators will work with you to meet your needs.


Can you tell me a little about the ship?
All Mariposa Cruises vessels offer interior deck space with seating, outdoor strolling decks, dance floors, full service bars, restrooms and panoramic views. For specific details on each of our six vessels, please click here.


In compliance with Smoke-Free Ontario, all interior and covered areas of our boats are non-smoking areas. A small uncovered deck space is allocated as designated smoking areas on board each boat. This is the only area guests can smoke on board, regardless of the weather conditions. Guests cannot consume food or beverage in these designated smoking areas

  • Captain Matthew Flinders: Designated smoking area is indicated on a portion of the main stern deck only.
  • Northern Spirit: Designated smoking area is indicated on a portion of the main stern deck only.
  • Oriole: Designated smoking area is indicated on a portion of upper stern deck only.
  • Showboat: Designated smoking area is indicated on a portion of the main stern deck only.
  • Klancy II: Designated smoking area is indicated on the portion of the starboard bow deck only.
  • Rosemary: Designated smoking area is indicated on the portion of the main starboard bow deck only.

An announcement will be made on each boat identifying this area. All guests will be required to comply with the smoking policy. .

Cannabis On board

The Cannabis Control Act of Ontario states that smoking, vaping or eating cannabis is not permitted on any boat in Ontario.

Ontario regulation bans smoking or vaping cannabis, including the use medical marijuana, in licensed areas, which includes all of our deck space.

To operate in compliance, Mariposa Cruises cannot allow the use of cannabis, in any form, on board any of our vessels.

We appreciate the cooperation of our guests.


Are your vessels Transport Canada certified?
Yes. All Mariposa Cruises Vessels are Transport Canada certified and inspected annually to adhere to strict safety regulations. Our navigation and service staff participate in regularly scheduled safety drills.


Are your boats accessible by water taxi?
All of our fleet are accessible by water taxi with the exception of the Captain Matthew Flinders & Rosemary because the height from the water makes boarding dangerous. With that said, water conditions may determine whether the Captain will accept water taxis for safety reasons. We can arrange a water taxi collection or drop off for you, or to contact a water taxi directly, please call:

Toronto Harbour Water Taxi
416-203-taxi (8294)

Five Star Water Taxi Services
1-877-706-TAXI (8294)


Is Mariposa wheelchair accessible?

Mariposa Cruises wishes to accommodate all persons with disabilities wherever and whenever possible on our boats and will do what we can, to the best of our abilities, to assist those persons with disabilities on our boats. Due to record high lake levels causing significant incline of boarding ramps and need for raised platforms to access these, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate persons in wheelchairs on our boats at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will update once water levels will allow.

Due to our ship’s construction for sea-worthiness, our ability to offer wheelchair accessibility is limited based on the requirement, the particular ship and water levels at the time of the cruise.  The Oriole is equipped with a special wheelchair ramp which, pending lake water levels, can accommodate non-motorized wheelchairs.Once on board, non-motorized wheelchairs will be restricted to the boarding deck, and restrooms are located on the lower level, thus are not wheelchair accessible.

Gangways vary in slope, width and construction. Due to the design of the watertight doorway on our ships, wheelchair accessibly is not possible. The design of the vessels must incorporate water tight doors, sills and bulkheads as per ship safety design. Assisted evacuation, in the event of an emergency, requires the limitation of how many non-motorized wheelchairs we can safely accommodate per trip.

As an operator committed to providing both excellent customer service and safe passage, while complying with Transport Canada safety requirements, we request that you call ahead to confirm your particular needs so that we can determine how your requirements can be safely accommodated without disappointment.

Please contact Mariposa Cruises at 416-203-0178 for assistance.

For a complete outline of our Terms of Carriage, please click here


I have more questions, who can I contact?
We welcome all questions via phone or email. Please call us at 416-203-0178, 1-866-627-7672 or Contact us directly by filling out our online contact form!