Mariposa Cruises’ guest John C Recker recounts his date night experience on the Toronto Harbour with his girlfriend aboard the Northern Spirit on the 80’s & 90’s Retro Dinner Cruise

80s & 90s Retro Dinner Cruise

On a sunny and bright Friday evening, my girlfriend and I attended Mariposa Cruises’ Retro Dinner Cruise on the Toronto Harbour.

Before boarding, we were greeted by some of the friendly crew, and a photographer for a local paper covering the outing. We had our picture taken and promptly boarded the Northern Spirit while being welcomed warmly by more of the crew already on board.



As we sipped our Mariposa Martini and waited for our fellow passengers to be seated and the ship to leave port, the DJ began playing some of our favorite 80’s music.


After we pushed-off, we glided silently east through Toronto’s Inner Harbour past Algonquin and Wards Islands, through the Outer Harbour and along the beautiful banks of Tommy Thompson Park. Much to everyone’s delight, we sailed through a regatta of beautiful tall sails on our way to open water.

As we traveled south, we reached the vastness of Lake Ontario, and our table was called to eat. The meal was buffet-style, and the food was fantastic. Our options included salads (garden, Caesar, lentil,) fresh baked breads with dips, roasted chicken, salmon, pasta, creamy mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. A server at the end of the buffet table even carved a beautifully roasted prime rib roast. Everything was very fresh and excellently prepared; the meat was moist and tender and every element of the meal was seasoned to perfection.


After dinner, we were treated to an amazing sunset vista of the city of Toronto and Mississauga as we traveled through the deep waters of the great lake. Music thumped and we all danced along to our memories of decades past as we drank in the stunning scene on the calm waters.


As darkness fell over the lake, the city came to life with vibrant lights and wounds. As we floated through the Humber Bay, dessert was served and we helped ourselves to fresh fruit, moist cakes and a variety of pastries while we sipped on coffee and tea.

By the time the sun had completely set, we were on our way through the Western Gap, passing Ontario Place and Billy Bishop Airport, and back into the Inner Harbour. The City glowed with nightlife as we came full circle into Toronto Bay.


The Captain of the Northern Spirit sailed us into the middle of the bay so we could take-in the city lights as planes glided low and quietly overhead on their way to land at the Island Airport.


We enjoyed a cocktail and great retro music as we lingered in the bay and danced on the upper deck of the ship with the other passengers in the beautiful summer’s night air, under a waxing moon.


Throughout our voyage, the staff were friendly and helpful; all the crew were eager to please and helped facilitate a wonderful boating and dining experience. As we returned to port and disembarked, we exchanged gratitude with the captain and crew. Although the trip had been three hours long, time had flown by and our only regret at the end of this lovely experience was that it had not been longer.

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About the Author:

John is a general contractor and construction supervisor who specializes in restaurant construction and renovation.  He has a culinary background and enjoys experiencing the wide variety of cuisine on offer in his home city of Toronto.