Mariposa Cruises’ guest Jessica Bassermann recaps her experience celebrating her 2 year anniversary aboard the Oriole on the Romance on the Harbour Cruise.

When a coworker mentioned a recent date night she and her fiancé had had out on the Toronto Harbour, it piqued my interest. A three hour tour, complete with dinner, drinks and dancing sounded like the perfect way for my boyfriend and me to celebrate our two year anniversary.

While strictly speaking neither myself or my boyfriend really know when our anniversary is, every once in a while when we want to do something special we like to assume it’s our anniversary; a trick that can be used any time of year.

My coworker told me how she had been looking for a relaxing, but entertaining date night with her fiancé just weeks before their wedding so they decided to go on a dinner cruise with Mariposa Cruises. She told me that the scenery was beautiful, the food delicious and the mood just right.


After a quick web search of my own, I discovered that not only did they do regular dinner cruises but they also had themed events. Their Romance on the Harbour cruise seemed like just the ticket for a couple looking to celebrate their anniversary. I suggested the idea to my boyfriend Andrew and he was completely on board so we booked online via their website.

And so on July 18 we made our way down to the harbor front in search of the Oriole anticipating a fun date night out. The cruise ran from 7-10, with boarding starting at 6:30. Before leaving the dock we sat on the upper deck and watched the activity of the people on the shoreline, just starting their weekend. Andrew and I love people watching so sitting on the deck with our drinks in hand, with so much to watch is our perfect oasis.


Even after we set out you could see how alive life on the water was. We passed sailboats; stand up paddle boarders and a group of a minimum of 25 kayakers. It was awesome to see people getting out and enjoying our Great lake!


The food was delicious and included a variety of options for all tastes. I especially liked the roast beef but between the two of us we were able to try the salmon, chicken and delicious cannelloni which were all equally tasty. Ok, it wasn’t split between the two of us, per say. I tried all of the options myself…twice. It was so good. It was also well timed; serving us shortly after boarding, allowing us to eat and then have time to go up top and enjoy the sunset.


Ahh the sunset! It was bright orange and spread into purples and yellows in the dimming sky. Even though it lasted for quite a while (I think we were watching it for over half an hour) everyone on the boat was racing it to take the perfect shot before it went down.

If they were anything like us they took about ten “one last shots”, each time hoping to catch a little more of its beauty.



Once it had finally faded away, the focus changed and the race was on to get that ideal shot by the CN tower.


The staff aboard the Oriole that night were so friendly and accommodating, checking in several times to make sure we were ok, taking more pictures of us than Andrew would’ve liked me to ask for, and always smiling.

In tune with the romantic theme of the evening, everyone on board also received a rose. I love getting roses on my anniversary!

That night aboard the Oriole, romance was showcased in a variety of different ways. The cruise included a mix of twosomes -older and young, double dates, a bachelorette party, and a larger group of couples there for a birthday party. Yet even with a boat full of people it was really easy to feel as though it was just the two of us on that cruise.

The cruise ran until 10pm so it was a perfect time to either head out for a night on the town or head home to unwind. Given that it was our anniversary, we opted for a night on the town…well, a drink on one of the patios located conveniently about 50 feet from where we docked.

It was a fun night and I’d definitely go back. Maybe before the end of the season… I think we just may have an anniversary coming up?

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About the Author:

Jessica Bassermann is a young professional who loves getting outdoors. Whether she is cycling through the streets of Toronto, tackling Mount Kilimanjaro, or hitting the beach volleyball courts at Ashbridges Bay, she is always smiling and having a great time.