We asked Graziella Fadel to come aboard our Scenic Harbour Tour to review our new and exclusive Harbour Tour app. Here’s what she had to say…


I was recently invited aboard Mariposa Cruises’ the Oriole to test out their new Toronto Harbour Tour app during a Scenic Harbour Tour. The free interactive app is the first of it’s kind in Toronto and provides an easy to follow narration as you tour all the wonderful sites the Toronto harbour has to offer.

I love this app for many reasons!



I’m easily distracted. If I see a swan (which you will most definitely see) you better believe I’m going to drop everything to take a picture and find the right filter for a perfect Instagram picture. The app allows you to pause the narration, take the perfect picture and play the narration without missing a beat.


I’m a knowledge junkie. I love learning fun facts about just about everything.  But I also have the worst memory. The app is easily accessible on an iPhone and Android meaning I can go home and quickly go through the app to remember how many Indian Elephants fit on the Rogers Centre field (743!)


I’m a visual learner. As amazing as our narrator Daniel was, I retain information best when I have something to look at. The app allows you to listen and read along with the script at your preferred pace.


I’m multicultural.  Whenever our family from overseas visits Toronto, we have to act as their own tour guides because of the language barrier. The app is available in English, Mandarin, Spanish and French (and I’m told will continue to expand to different languages). This makes it easier for passengers who don’t speak English to easily follow along.


A guide is always on board but for me I found it much more relaxing to learn about these sites at my own pace using the Toronto Harbour Tour app! Make sure to download the app before boarding using these easy to follow instructions. Scenic Harbour tours depart 5 times daily from May to September 30th – meaning you’re almost running out of time to visit Mariposa Cruises for an educational tour with unparalleled views. Hope to see you soon!


About the Author:

Graziella Fadel is a 24-year-old University of Toronto alumni with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and French. She recently graduated from Centennial College with a postgraduate certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. She loves to travel, read and will buy anything that’s purple.