Take a walk down memory lane with Mirella & Kim as they describe what it was like to host their wedding on Mariposa Cruises’ Showboat 17 years ago on September 20, 1997 and what it was like to celebrate their 17 year wedding anniversary with Mariposa Cruises on the very same boat that they were married on.


When and where did you first meet?

At work in 1993

How did Kim propose?

As I drove to work there was a sign on the light post “Will”, and on the next one “you”, next one “marry” and the next one was “me?” At first I thought some girl was asking a guy named Will to marry her, then when I reached the end of the signs and approached the stop sign there was Kim with a dozen roses!

Why did you choose Mariposa Cruises for your wedding venue?

We wanted something unique and personal. We wanted to keep everyone together and celebrate with flare.

What was your wedding theme? Why?

Western, at that time we were country fans and wanted something different, casual and fun. The boats name reflected it – the “Showboat”.


What was it like to work with Mariposa Cruises to create your wedding day?

Amazing, accommodating, staff and DJ was very attentive to our needs and everything we needed they took care of, as the wedding was somewhat different in ways. I did not have to worry about one single item, they took care of everything from the DJ to the cake. They were also very sensitive as my husband’s brother passed away two weeks prior so we were in a situation of cancelling or postponing the wedding.

What was your wedding day like? What do you remember most about the day?

Our day was fun, as previously mentioned it was western with some twists. Everyone knew it was a Western theme and to come in jeans but we surprised them with our wedding march. Instead of me walking down the aisle it was the groom’s men and my husband walking down to the good the bad and the ugly theme song and before that they did a little skit at the bar with the bartender.


I did end up walking the aisle to bag pipes playing and we did have a piece played later on in honor of my husband’s brother. Again surprising our guests and being out of the norm, instead of throwing a garter we had a rubber chicken thrown.

I remember as we returned and disembarked, everyone said that it was incredible – the cruise was fantastic, the food was great. Our guests were asking questions about the cruise and wanted to look into day or night cruises for themselves.

Though there was potential for bad weather, we were reassured by staff that everything was going to be good and everything worked out and we were allowed to depart.

The bag pipe player was to be on board for the ceremony only but he didn’t want to go. We were more than delighted to have him stay and he had a blast.

Again, the crew was great. My mother does not like boats and she sat in one spot and the crew took care of anything she wanted, brought her water, asked if she was good, etc.


How has your life changed since your wedding day?

Two children – how we all grew together, including both sides of our families, which was and is important for us.

What have you learned from each other over the years?

How important we are to each other even when times get tough.

What’s the secret to staying married for so long?

Have fun, be tolerant, be patient, have a good sense of humour, and be compatible to what we both want out of life. Take things with a grain of salt and you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.

What was it like to celebrate your 17th anniversary with Mariposa Cruises?

It was amazing and humbling at the same time. To be on the same boat the same day 17 years later and September 20 fell twice on a Saturday since 1997. The music was great, to think we danced again to our first wedding song and our last wedding song as my husband requested the DJ to play these songs that night. A lot of reminiscing such as this is where we said I do, this is where we cut the cake, do you remember what we ate, etc., and the food was amazing as it was too back then.


What differences did you notice about the Showboat this time compared to when you celebrated your wedding on board?

The boat was bigger. We learned that it was lengthened and it was nice to see the pictures of the restoration on the boat. There were more tables, more walking room between tables and more dance space. Crew and staff were very friendly, each time you pass them they would say hello and smile. The ambiance of being on the boat was like meeting an old friend.


With Mirella giving me an idea of a night out for our anniversary, I had no idea what was to follow, until I told her that we may not make it on time due to heavy traffic though we left really early. She had a plan B and then told me what she had in store and if we miss the boat that we can water taxi out.

I knew somehow hell-or-high-water that somehow we would be on that boat. After what seemed like unbeatable odds, with the help of some strangers, we found ourselves aboard a water taxi heading for the Showboat.

When we stepped aboard the flood of memories overtook me. We retraced our wedding night from the memory of how good the food was to the sincere personal service of the crew. With a chance request to the DJ, we were able to dance to our wedding song from 17 years earlier. While we were docking we finished our night with the same final dance song from Eric Clapton.

P.S. thanks for all that Mariposa has done for us again. Your sincere hospitality has filled our hearts and memories live for ever.

– Thanks, Kim Burt.

We hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with Mirella and Kim.

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