We are well into the height of wedding season and we have been keeping an eye on the latest wedding trends for 2014.


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Every season we are fortunate enough to play host to many blushing brides and grooms looking for an unforgettable wedding experience. While every wedding is unique in its own way, we often see some reoccurring themes and emerging trends each wedding season.

Here’s a look at the top 5 wedding trends we have seen in 2014.

1. Pink is Back!

Brides are falling in love with pink all over again. It’s not the outrageous hot pink of the 80s, think more “pretty in pink”, as brides are showing a fondness for blush, peach, and neutral tones. So far we have seen a lot of wedding décor in these colours!

For any bride wanting to embrace this trend, there are a number of ways to incorporate these colours and tones into your wedding colour scheme, whether it’s your florals, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, shoes, linens, cake or all of the above.

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If you are looking for the right flower that embodies the romantic softness of these shades of pink, we suggest the Tree Peony (featured in the bottom right hand corner), which is considered to be the “it” flower of the 2014 wedding season.

2. The Great Gatsby

When vintage meets glitzy art-deco glamour – there’s no denying the allure of a Great Gatsby inspired wedding. Perhaps it was the 2013 release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie The Great Gatsby that has spurred on this 2014 wedding trend. The roaring 20’s and old Hollywood glam have certainly made a resurgence in our 2014 weddings as brides are showing great enthusiasm for the decadent details of this jazz-age era.

It’s easy to see why brides wanting to emulate the lavish feel of the Great Gatsby gravitate to Mariposa Cruises to provide the yacht-style venue for their celebration.

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The Captain Matthew Flinders in particular lends itself very nicely to the ambiance of a Great Gatsby wedding with its elegant and traditional features including rich wood finishes and classic lines. Brides looking to take their theme to the next level should incorporate embellishes of lace and pearls in their décor as well as gold rimmed china and crystal candlesticks.


Decor by Elevated Events

Jazz music and plenty of champagne are a great way to round off this theme! For a stunning display of Great Gatsby splendor add a champagne fountain to wow your guests.


Photos by Isbertophoto Wedding Co.


3. Spicy Food

No one wants their wedding to be remembered as bland and that goes for the food too. While chicken and potatoes will always remain a staple among wedding menus, many brides and grooms are looking to add a little spice to their menu!

More and more, we are seeing couples embracing more daring flavours and cultural cuisines such as Indian, Mexican and Caribbean. For brides and grooms wanting to embrace this trend while still playing it safe with their guests’ pallets, we suggest incorporating spicy flavours in some of your hors d’oeuvres. Our lightly spiced potato samosas, Cajon dry rubbed ribs or jalapeno poppers add a little kick to any affair.


Onboard, we offer a wide variety of food options and our Executive Chef Gus is always looking to take on challenges in the kitchen to produce amazing culinary dishes.

Couples can also add a little spice to their décor by having colourful centerpieces or using bright bold colours. You can even be more literal by adding chili peppers to your centrepieces.

4. Food Stations

Many brides and grooms are taking a less formal approach to their receptions by shying away from the traditional platted service or standard buffet line. Having an interactive component at your wedding such as food stations instead of formal seating has certainly taken over in popularity.

Different food stations can include tacos, stir fry, pasta bars, oysters, soft serve ice cream, or candy bars. There is no shortage to the list of fun food stations that you can have onboard our ships.


This dining style allows guests to participate in a trendy and social culinary experience at the wedding. Food stations let your guests move around, out of their seats, enjoying the company of not only the guests at their table but of all the guests.

This also allows the bride and groom a great opportunity to meet and greet with their guests in a fun and interactive way.

Another huge trend that fits well into this last trend is serving your guests family style meals in the center of their table. This gets your guests talking about all the amazing food being served and is a great ice breaker for tables who may not know each other.

5. Unplugged Weddings

In a world where everyone is wired in and constantly updating their status on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, many people are forgetting to actually live and be present in the moment. That is why many couples are taking a refreshing approach, asking guests to drop their phones and electronics before entering. This ensures that their guests are truly engaged in the wedding and visiting with friends and family.

Brides and grooms are also showing a preference towards just having the professional photos that their photographer or videographer skillfully take on their wedding day posted to social media. This also has the added bonus of ensuring that there are no embarrassing or unflattering photos circulating the web, as the couple can vet the photos before posting.

To ensure that their guests still enjoy more lasting memories of the event, couples are incorporating fun photo booths or video booths so that their guests can still have their photo-memories and a fun take-away to remember the wedding by.


As the 2014 wedding season goes on, we will continue to keep an eye on interesting trends and ideas which we are happy to share with all of our brides and grooms. While trends may come and go, the beautiful skyline and waterfront view that Mariposa Cruises provides as a backdrop to all of our weddings, will never go out of style.


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