It is with great excitement that we launch our new responsive website.

Twenty-seven years ago when Mariposa Cruises first set sail, we never could have envisioned that one day our cruise tickets would be booked using a cell phone. Back in those days a cell phone was a clunky device that only the likes of Gordon Gekko from “Wall Street” was fortunate enough to own.

A lot has changed since 1987 and we are constantly changing too and looking for ways to improve our communication and services to meet our guests’ needs and expectations. Our new site has been designed to be compatible with all devices ensuring that our guests can access information about our products and services regardless of whether they prefer to use a desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Along with the new website we are launching our blog which we have fittingly called the Captain’s Blog. We can now keep you abreast of our news, promotions and events throughout the year as well as share the first-hand stories of some of our guests who have come aboard and experienced a Mariposa cruise.

Our Captain’s Blog is just one of the many ways our friends can stay in touch with us in between cruises. You can also join our e-mailing list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest or connect to us on LinkedIn. The choice is yours.

As much as things change, some things remain the same. It is our team’s continued pleasure to welcome you aboard Mariposa Cruises.

Until boarding time,

Cindi Vanden Heuvel

Vice President

Cindi Vanden Heuvel

About the Author:

While not technically a Captain, Cindi enjoys steering the ship – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Cindi is Vice President at Mariposa Cruises and likes to change the course now and then to keep things fresh & current. Fortunately the Mariposa crew are an adventurous bunch.

A big believer in teamwork and encouraging all moving parts to go in a forward direction, Cindi remains committed to service and hospitality and as such, extends a warm welcome to our new Captain’s Blog.