Mariposa Cruises‘ guest Graziella Fadel recounts her experience aboard the Oriole for the very first Sip & Sail Cocktail Cruise of the season which cruises around the Toronto harbour and Islands.


After a long day at work, you can find me doing one of two things:

1. Snuggling up in my onesie watching The Bachelorette.
2. Catching up with girlfriends over a glass of wine.

With the official start of summer just around the corner, I figured it was time for a change and invited my best friend to Mariposa Cruises’ Sip and Sail Cocktail Cruise.

Unfortunately for us, summer in Canada means rain and packing a safety cardigan! The weather was not ideal, but the atmosphere, company and impeccable views were!

We arrived at 6:15 p.m. excited to board the Oriole. The cruise didn’t start until 7 p.m. but I definitely recommend getting there as early as possible to enjoy a little pre-drink before sailing the harbour! My best friend tends to get a little sea sick and that extra time to get used to the boat really put her at ease for a comfortable sail.

Our lovely waitress Maggie welcomed us right away and asked us what we would like for our complimentary drink. Since we were on a boat I figured why not trade in my usual white wine for something a little more fun! I asked Maggie for the most colourful drink on the menu and she suggested vodka with cranberry and orange juice. Delicious choice!


Once the Oriole started to sail, we made our way to the top deck for some fresh air and because we HAD to take a couple of selfies by the harbour – the rain wasn’t going to stop us.


The DJ was spinning Top 40 at a perfect volume so that we could spend the rest of the cruise chatting about work, boys, my upcoming birthday…the usual. Our stories took a little longer to tell because there’s no way to not get distracted by the scenery – totally worth the pause.

One of our favourite views that had us aww-ing for a couple of minutes was a couple having a private dinner on their boat! My picture isn’t the greatest but how adorable is this couple?


If you’re looking to get out of your usual after work rut, Mariposa Cruises’ Sip and Sail Cruise is a must! This was just the first of the season and there’s plenty to come throughout the summer (the next one is August 13!). The $20 ticket includes a complimentary drink (my favourite part) and the one-hour scenic cruise. Appetizers are also available for purchase!


See you August 13!

To learn more about Mariposa Cruises upcoming cocktail cruises visit our Cocktail Cruise Page or go to our Sip & Sail Cocktail Cruise page to see when our next Sip & Sail Cocktail Cruise is.

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About the Author:

Graziella Fadel is a 24-year-old University of Toronto alumni with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and French. She recently graduated from Centennial College with a postgraduate certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. She loves to travel, read and will buy anything that’s purple.